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Hello. I’m Larry Nixon and I welcome you to my web site. I have a lot of opinions about a lot of subjects. I will use this web site to voice  my comments, my opinions, and my philosophies. Please keep in mind that I am expressing opinions here. I am highly and conservatively opinionated, and my opinions may differ from yours. You may agree or disagree. That’s okay. That’s the beauty of opinions — we are each entitled to hold our own. I will strive to base my opinions on facts rather than emotions.

Also, you will learn about my personal bout with prostate cancer. When I was diagnosed with this disease in 2004, I did a lot of research and became kind of an expert on the subject. I encourage all men over 45 to get a yearly prostate exam. This disease can kill you! About 30,000 men die from prostate cancer each year. Most of these deaths could have been prevented by early detection.

I have included a page with many links to cancer resources. While the primary emphasis is on prostate cancer, these resources can also be helpful to those who may be suffering from other types of this dread disease.

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