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The Digital Age

Here’s a question with a very simple answer –

The question – What is the difference between a good photographer and a poor photographer?

The simple answer- a poor photographer shows you all of his pictures!

We are now past the age when the cost of film and processing were necessarily taken into consideration, so most people showed all of their pictures during the film photography age. Visitors shuddered when the host dragged out the slide projector! The age of digital photography has greatly reduced the cost per picture. People can now even take pictures with their phones. Also, the pictures are immediately available for viewing. If a picture is not the way we want it, we can shoot it again unless it is some rapidly moving subject. We can immediately delete bad pictures. We can store hundreds of pictures on a memory card, so take lots of photos to guarantee that you get some good ones. And be selective about which pictures you show to others.

A current fad is the posting of pictures on Facebook. We see many pictures where the faces of people are so dark as to be unrecognizable. The reason for this is that the background is brighter than the subject. The camera’s meter closes the lens down to properly expose the background, thereby underexposing the subjects. A common example of this is taking pictures of people on a shaded porch or under the shade of trees, where the background is brighter than the intended subject. Since we can immediately view the picture, there is no reason that this should happen. Take the picture again and open the lens about two f/stops or use fill-in flash to properly expose the people’s faces.

Updated: December 23, 2013 — 5:42 pm
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